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High Noon

Not long ago, I watched the 1952 classic western “High Noon.”  Having read about the controversy surrounding this film, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I came away deeply touched by this picture, but probably not in the way the blacklisted Communist screenwriter Carl Foreman intended.  Foreman wanted the picture to serve as a commentary against blacklisting and “McCarthyism.”  In that respect, he failed miserably.  However, “High Noon” instead inadvertently presents a timeless morality play on the importance of duty and standing up to evil.  I highly recommend this film not only as a great western, but also as an example of the situation we find ourselves in today.

Gary Cooper plays Will Kane, the longtime US Marshal of Hadleyville, NM.  As the film opens, Kane has just married his pacifist Quaker bride and stepped down as Marshal, with plans to move away and become a shop keeper.  Kane and his new wife are about to leave town when they suddenly learn Frank Miller, a murderer Kane helped capture and convict, has been released from prison “up north” on a technicality and three of his buddies have arrived at the train depot to await Miller’s return on the noon train.

Remembering Miller swore revenge on those responsible for his capture and conviction, the town fathers and Kane’s apparent friends tell Kane to leave town immediately with his new wife before Miller arrives.  Kane and his wife hastily leave town.  However, shortly outside of town, Kane’s sense of duty takes over.  He knows his responsibility is to return and help defend the townspeople from the gang of killers, despite the extreme danger he will face.

Kane naturally expects the citizens of the town will want to stand up and defend the good and decent community they worked so hard to create.  Instead, one by one, everyone else refuses to help as the clock ticks closer to noon and the final showdown.

First, the cowboys in the saloon blatantly refuse to help as many consider Miller a friend and blame Kane for reducing the rowdiness of the town.  The hotel owner sums up their attitude saying he doesn’t like Kane since business was better before Kane drove the rowdies out of town.

Kane next turns to his friends for help.  But they all desert him at the time of crisis.  One friend, played by Harry Morgan, tells his wife to lie and say he’s not at home when Kane comes calling for help.  They all choose what they believe to be the easy and safe path over the danger they would face in standing up for what is right.

Finally, Kane walks in on the church services, asking the good citizens, who have so much to loose if the Miller gang returns to power, to stand up for their town.  The ensuing debate among the townsfolk ends when one of the town fathers speaks, initially praising Kane for his services, but then concludes by saying the best thing is for Kane to leave town, hoping that Miller will then leave everyone alone.

So, finally, in the end, Kane is left to defend his life and the town against four killers alone…

As I watched this film, I was struck by the similarity many of us find ourselves in today.  Just like Miller and his gang, evil is all around us.  It exists and intends to do us harm even if we refuse to believe it exits or hope that it will just go away on its own.

In today’s society, this evil takes many forms, from blatant and unrelenting attacks on the family and basic family values to complete contempt and disregard for the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights displayed by all kinds of self-appointed intelligentsia from Washington to Hollywood and numerous places in between to an outright assault on God by many of the same people.

A few of us see this and recognize our duty to do what’s right and fight against evil’s onslaught.  But as we look for allies, what do we find?

One group we find is Miller and his gang, the very evil doers we are fighting against.  Many of them are quite charismatic, eloquent, and pleasant to behold.  However, all it takes is an iota of research or mere minutes of watching and listening to learn the evilness of their positions and their hunger for power at any cost.  They are not our allies and we know that we can never compromise with evil.  Evil must be confronted and defeated.  So, our search for allies continues.

Then we find the saloon cowboys.  Either through design or ignorance, they refuse to stand with us.  They think Miller and his gang are their true friends and nothing we do or say can convince them otherwise.  They all hope for change when Miller returns.  Their minds are already made up, facts be damned.  It comes as no surprise to me that post-election research revealed Barack Obama supporters were appallingly uninformed on the issues and Obama’s policies.  Many even thought lines from Saturday Night Live sketches were actually quotes from Sarah Palin.  It’s a sad commentary on the state of affairs today when the majority of US “Catholics” vote for in favor of two of the most pro-abortion people in American history.  The only hope for the saloon cowboys is for them to see for themselves the evil of Miller and his gang.  Until that happens, they are not going to stand with us.  So who is left?

Finally, we turn to the upright townsfolk.  We find them in Church, giving thanks for the blessings they have received.  Surely they understand evil and the consequences if it is allowed to triumph.  Surely they will want to stand with us to do what is right.  After all, they have such a large stake in the community and stand to loose so much.  Surely they will want to fight to protect their families and loved ones. Surely we will find staunch allies here.

Alas, while some townsfolk initially stand up to fight, others take the attitude that it’s simply not their problem.  They seem to think that if they somehow pretend it doesn’t exist, evil will just leave them alone.  Finally, the town father stands up to publically praise us for our goodness and everything we’ve done to defend the community.  Finally, we think, a respected member of the community is standing up for us and will convince others to join the fight.  But suddenly we can’t believe what we’re hearing.  That same town father who just praised us is now saying it’s our entire fault.  Now telling us the best thing for the community is for us to go away.  We stare in disbelief as he concludes that if we would only leave, then Miller and his gang, that evil, will leave the community alone.

Abandoned by everyone, we are left to fight our battle alone.  But are we really alone?  An atheist Communist like Foreman would never think of it, but as long as we put on the armor of God, we are never alone.  As long as we stand up for what is honest and true and just and right, we are never alone.  Our Lord stands with us as the most powerful ally in the universe.  And we must stand with our Lord.  He will never forsake us and we must remember to never forsake Him.

Evil is a fickle seductress.  Don’t be like the saloon cowboys, allowing yourself to become the ally of evil, either on purpose or through ignorance.  Evil has a way of leading us down a primrose path, blinding us to reality until it is too late.  Satan seduces us with false concepts of “fairness” and “freedom.”  Satan convinces us that man is the supreme authority and that it is man’s laws we are to follow, laws that change with the whim of men.  In reality, we have one Lawgiver and it is His Law we must follow, for He is the way, the truth and the life.

Likewise, we must not become the townsfolk, watching what we know is not right, but refusing to act.  Like Pilate, they wash their hands of the matter, somehow thinking that will make them blameless.  We are not held blameless by simply saying, “It’s not my problem.”  We are all held accountable for our actions in the eyes of the Supreme Judge.  Similarly, we must not labor under the false idea that evil ignored will just go away or leave us alone.  Those who think they can ignore evil eventually find themselves an unwitting ally of evil, led to their destruction by the very thing they pretended did not exist.

I see dark clouds on the horizon.  For far too many generations, we have allowed our society, and our very soul, to journey down dangerous paths and now those consequences, like a perfect storm, are coming home to roost.  In the days, months and years ahead, I fear far too few will be willing to stand up and join the fight.  Far too many will fear the ostracism faced by Kane.  But we must not be afraid.  We must be willing to continue the fight.  Like the loyal sheepdog, we must continue in our duty to protect the flock even when the sheep fear our presence and blame us for the existence of the wolf.

When all seems lost, we must remember that good always triumphs over evil.  Even when all turn away from us, we must not loose faith.  Never forgot that even in the darkest hour, you are not alone.  The Lord will never abandon the faithful.  As the Lord said to Peter, “That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”  My fellow warriors remain in the fight and trust in the Lord.

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Traditional Mass

Traditional Catholic Mass

Welcome to the Traditional Catholic Faith blog.

I created this blog in response to the ever increasing attacks against the one, true Catholic faith from both those outside the Church and those within.  The name of this website is to emphasize the fact that we have only ONE true Catholic Faith formed with over 2,000 years of tradition.

There are those within the modern Catholic Church who have become victims of the evils and errors of modernism, relativism, liberalism, and secularism — just as our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI warned.  Consequently, confusion and misinformation reigns.  Against these attacks, a true Catholic must cry, “Enough is enough! This far and no more!”  True Catholics must rally against the evil that has penetrated the Church, joining together in spiritual combat against Satan in order to reclaim for our Lord the glory that has been the Catholic Church for over 2,000 years.

With this blog, I hope to present information and resources on the one true, traditional and orthodox Catholic Faith as handed to us from Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and defended by our Popes from St. Peter through Pope Francis.  To be a Catholic requires acceptance in the teachings of Mother Church and respect for the magesterium of the Holy Father.   Comments and suggestions are welcome.  Thank you for visiting and God bless you!

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